‘Esmeralda Dances’ – Opening scene from our version of ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’

02-07-2013  |   16:56 PM

This is the opening scene from our 30 minute re-interpretation, and re-edit, of Victor Hugo’s “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”.
It was made for the 2012 edition of Amsterdam’s ‘Museum Night’ and screened in the beautiful Gothic setting of ‘De Oude Kerk’ (The Old Church) in the heart of the city.

The aim was to create a contemporary (shortened) version of the classic story using the different films available. The earliest dates back to 1923!

We hoped that, whilst viewing our re-edit in its entirety, the audience would forget the cutting between different films and be forced to re-examine the story in a different light.

All music and film used has been sampled. We saw this as ‘Pop Art’, redefining cinematic history in an alternative context.
We felt it would be insulting to the original film makers if we did not include all the versions that we could find. Therefore, we do not see this as copyright infringement, but as an artistic endeavour designed purely to entertain….

This ‘opening scene’ is completely soundtrack driven (later on the movie settles more into a narrative style, although still relying heavily on its soundtrack ).

This scene features: ‘Future Loop Foundation’ – “Sunshine Philosophy” (Rob Da Bank & Chris Coco remix)

If you wish to see more then please mail us at: thesmokeeaters@gmail.com

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