Last year we re-edited and re-scored our own version of ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ for the ‘Rocket Cinema Festival’. It was shown as part of Amsterdam’s ‘Museum Night’ in the large ‘Old Church’ in the middle of the ‘red light district’.
Two weeks ago, ‘Rocket Cinema’ had a 3 day festival with an ‘open-air’ cinema on the grounds next to Paradiso on Leidseplein, Amsterdam. Our version of ‘Amsterdamned’ was the head billing on the Saturday night. It was also shown three nights in a row on a sold-out canal boat cruise, adding to the atmosphere of the ‘underwater horror’ film. Check the footage made on the boat:

We went for a ‘motorik’, ‘Krautrock’ theme using tunes from the likes of ‘Can’, ‘The Horrors’, Lower Dems’, ‘Thee Oh Sees’, Queens of the Stone Age’ and so on
Here’s some shots of the audience and cinema (which was done using head-phones so as not to disturb the neighbours!)

Hot weather, fun and audio/visual frolics were had!
Our August set in the main-room of Razzmatazz (Barcelona) was rocking! The third year in a row proved that this is the ‘place-to-be’ for audio/visual mash-up purveyors! We took it on a more Rock/Electro journey than the previous months ‘House/Tech-House’ sound in Amsterdam’s music temple: Paradiso. Truly an inspirational club, city and vibe!

Great night, appreciative crowd and big thanks to Matt Sinclair for contacting us with this footage:

A great week was had in the cultural and vibrant city of Milan. The public reaction was great and it was nice to see people really interacting with the visuals:

International beer brand Heineken® have invited The Smoke Eaters to perform a 4 night residency at “The Club of the Future” during Milan’s Design week 9-13th April .

The Magazzini,  an exciting new collaborative space at this year’s Milan Design Week, provides emerging designers with a platform for exposure. Visitors to The Magazzini can expect to experience a showcase of design talent and educational workshops by day and a design-led party space at night curated and programmed by Heineken International’s music agency Massive Music. Each night features a live  1 hour audiovisual mash up mix by The Smoke Eaters.

A spectacular outdoor installation will be created by Matt W Moore who will also reveals his design for the new Heineken STR bottle.

Set-times should begin at 9pm each night so make sure not to miss it!

This is the opening scene from our 30 minute re-interpretation, and re-edit, of Victor Hugo’s “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”.
It was made for the 2012 edition of Amsterdam’s ‘Museum Night’ and screened in the beautiful Gothic setting of ‘De Oude Kerk’ (The Old Church) in the heart of the city.

The aim was to create a contemporary (shortened) version of the classic story using the different films available. The earliest dates back to 1923!

We hoped that, whilst viewing our re-edit in its entirety, the audience would forget the cutting between different films and be forced to re-examine the story in a different light.

All music and film used has been sampled. We saw this as ‘Pop Art’, redefining cinematic history in an alternative context.
We felt it would be insulting to the original film makers if we did not include all the versions that we could find. Therefore, we do not see this as copyright infringement, but as an artistic endeavour designed purely to entertain….

This ‘opening scene’ is completely soundtrack driven (later on the movie settles more into a narrative style, although still relying heavily on its soundtrack ).

This scene features: ‘Future Loop Foundation’ – “Sunshine Philosophy” (Rob Da Bank & Chris Coco remix)

If you wish to see more then please mail us at:

What a top party and a brilliant way to celebrate the coming of the New Year in one of Amsterdam’s premier venues, Paradiso! Check this film link to see the audience reaction:

Here is the link to their website. The festival takes place between the 6th and 8th of December, and features some internationally renowned artists and film makers:

‘The Smoke Eaters’ are two audio/visual artists and DJs (Simon Melia and Paul Jay) that take elements of the last 100 years of popular culture and re-edit them with cutting-edge underground dance music. Film, television and music videos are given new interpretations, designed to wow audiences with a ‘what you see is what you hear’ philosophy. This has already seen them performing at major festivals and venues worldwide such as Glastonbury (UK), Sziget (Hu), Splore (NZ), Oxegen (IRE), Razzmatazz (Es) and in their home base city of Amsterdam at Paradiso.
hunchback Notre Dame Pictures, Images and Photos
It was through their enthusiasm for Paradiso programmer, Maz Weston’s long running “Rocket Cinema” project (where artists and musicians re-score classic films) that she invited them to take the concept one step further for Rocket Cinema’s participation in the 2012 edition of Amsterdam’s “Museum Nacht”.the hunchback of notre dame Pictures, Images and Photos
The design brief that they were given was deceptively simple: Compact, re-tell and re-score ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ using the various interpretations produced through-out the 20th century. The earliest version dates back to 1923 and the most recent was a nineties Disney animated musical!HunchBack of the Notre Dame Pictures, Images and Photos
The creative process itself became a voyage of discovery. The lengthy task of cutting up the various films in order to create a modernised tale forced the audio/visual duo to re-examine the story. It meant taking the strongest characters from each version to develop a piece of contemporary ‘Pop Art’ that would compact into the allotted half hour’s “show-time” whilst maintaining the narrative flow and holding the audience’s attention.
It was a challenge in itself to take modern film making and editing techniques, not to mention a contemporary sound-track, and apply them to what can only be described as cinematic history. To make, for example, an eighty-nine year old piece of cinema (the earliest version) relevant to a 2012 audience required many a session of ‘brain storming’. Ultimately though, The Smoke Eaters feel that the audience will forget their awareness of the cutting and interlacing of the five different versions used, but maintain this enough to view the story in a refreshing manner. This was their ultimate intention.
On ‘Museum Nacht’ (Saturday 3rd November 1900-0100 pm) two showings will take place in the appropriately Gothic setting of the ‘Oude Kerk’, in the heart of Amsterdam, where all the ‘Rocket Cinema’ artists will be performing or showing their work. More details of the schedule will follow soon.